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Every student knows that C grades might still earn get them a degree, but it’s only an A+ paper that in life’s successes are guaranteed. Writing that winning essay paper is not an easy undertaking. This is one thing which every scholar must accomplish in almost every subjects and courses. Whether it is a case study, laboratory report, dissertation or thesis paper among other essay writing assignments throughout their learning period. Clearly a term paper encompasses a major part of their final grades.

Well, what is a Term Paper? This is a form of paper writing in any given subject or scientific subject which entails a comprehensive level of technical and non-technical expertise and research. It is an important part of a student’s learning because it allows instructors to easily assess a student’s knowledge while helping the learner to acquire an in-depth insight on the subject area through research. Therefore a good term paper exposes the student to a great deal of skills that will be applicable throughout their professional life.  

Submitting an A+ quality term paper goes beyond simply drafting compelling arguments and conducting some research; this is because a great deal of planning, proper time management, impeccable writing skills among other things must be mastered to develop a top-notch paper. In case you are not familiar differentiating between a quality term paper from a below average one, just search on the internet for “term paper example for college” to get an insight on what many college/university instructors are in search of from your term paper. However, to eliminate any anxieties about how to draft a high quality essay for your term paper assignment just follow the following instructions on how to write the best term paper instantly without any worries.

How to write a good quality term paper

These are the essentials of How to Write a Term Paper

Choose your topic

Those who are familiar on writing a term paper can attest that this is where you can take the most advantage. This is particularly best when given the opportunity to select your own topic. Choose a subject area that you are most interested in since this eases the research and writing process. Above all, make an effort of selecting an interesting topic which you have compelling questions that you want to search for answers. For example if there has been “student bullying” across the schools in your area that has captured your interest. After selecting a subject area, narrow down the selection for a more specific and workable idea which can be achieved within the boundaries of your term paper essay. In situations where your professor has chosen the topic for you, it is important to begin searching for unique perspectives which will make the information and content in your paper be different from the obvious techniques that your colleagues are likely to use.

NB – Experts recommend that you read other peoples’ opinions, articles, comments, perspectives, etc. on the given topic to assist you to perfect your own.

Term paper topic Ideas

  • Reasons for installing metal detectors in schools.
  • How do social networks influence school life?
  • How can modern technologies change the way we learn?
  • Bullying at school and college and how to take action?
  • Why do we need a multilingual education?
  • Why is recycling highly important for the environment?
  • How to overcome water lacking issues and help everyone on the Earth?
  • The advantages and disadvantages of nuclear energy?
  • Wildfires conservation – are there more environment-friendly alternatives?
  • Is it possible to manage overpopulation?
  • Controversial political decisions that saved millions of people
  • Totalitarianism: is it now exist? How are people fighting with it?
  • How to solve the corruption issues in politics?
  • Are elections important for politics?
  • Why may we need a death penalty?
  • Humanitarian missions: are they effective?
  • How beauty standards influence mental health?
  • HIV/AIDS people social isolation and how to influence the issue?

Starting a Term Paper properly

To begin properly, ensure you have read all the paper instructions carefully. This process entails making inquiries to your professor for necessary clarifications before you can proceed to do any necessary research or writing. Never be that person that waits until the last minute to begin thinking “oh, I need to start that term paper that is due tomorrow”. For a quality or top-notch term paper worthy of an A+ grade, make enough time and plan in advance for each process of writing. This planning also involves setting aside enough time to proofread or review your final draft before making you submission.

Develop the Term Paper Outline 

Many students are comfortable constructing their term paper without including this step – these are usually those with very short deadlines. Nonetheless, it is healthier for your paper if you prepare an outline to help you determine the right direction; similar to an automotive navigation system mapping out your road ahead from point A to B. Though, the outline should be flexible and can be modified as you draft your paper dependent on how you format your term paper draft. Its major significance is providing you with a framework or structure or skeleton of the paper to guide you in case become disoriented along the way,

Here is a general term paper format, layout/outline that you should follow:

Content Information Required
1 Cover page Title page contains author’s name, Topic of your paper, your course number and name, your professor’s name and date of submission. This information should be formatted accordingly (APA, MLA, etc.)
2 Abstract This page often contains a brief summary describing the larger work; that is, it informs your audience/reader information that have been covered by the contents of the paper like why the study was conducted, the issue at hand, the need/importance of addressing the subject and results ascertained if any
3 Introduction The intro briefly highlights the paper’s arguments alongside the information which will be utilized to substantiate it. Introduction should initiate with a good statement of the topic selected which implies figuring out what you want the paper to prove is the initial step toward a strong intro. Clarify importance of your topic/problem and explain how you plan to resolve it.
4 The Body This is the largest section holding the most meat of the paper. It contains a literature review which comprehensively references and discusses studies and researches previously published that are on the subject or related to it. This is to allow you to develop the methodology or approach to apply in the paper. Subsequent sections of the body should discuss major arguments from your research. Also include various perspectives in regards to your topic and detailed account of your research: i.e. describe step by step your research methods and experimental designs if any.
5 Results You should report the findings of your research on the basis of data or information collected through the research methodologies you applied. Your findings (data) should be stated without any bias or interpretation in a logical arrangement. Written in past-tense.
6 Discussion Includes interpretations and descriptions of the importance of the results in light of what information was already familiar of the subject. Explain why your research has led you to believe certain things about your subject. How the author’s perspectives have evolved from the start of the project and if so how and why? Connect everything to your intro i.e. through hypothesis or research questions and literature you have reviewed earlier.
7 Conclusion This section helps your reader to comprehend why the research they have finished reading should matter to them. So conclude by stating an opening question or by prompting the reader to continue his or her own research on the subject through a discussion.
8 Reference List All the sources that you referred to or acquired your information whether published or unpublished must be enlisted. Documenting the sources depends on the writing style instructed by your professor for the paper (e.g. APA, MLA, Chicago, etc.)

Thorough Term Paper Research

There is no amount of writing that can be done without the company of proper research. The writer must understand the everything about the subject from the background, current knowledge/ thinking as well as future research within the selected topic. You may find yourself going back to or repeating what you are already familiar with so it’s necessary to avoid the tendency or you may not learn anything in the research/learning process. Its significant to utilize both first hand sources like course texts, legal cases, experiments etc. and secondary sources like other peoples’ explanations and interpretations in your research.  

NB: Be comfortable indulging in discussions with colleagues and other students for the purpose to share ideas and help you generate ideas.

Develop the Term Paper thesis statement.

After doing a good amount of research, at this point you have to reflect on the topic you had selected; it is necessary to isolate or determine a distinct strong idea that your discussion will be based on. This is a declaration which you are 100% certain you can defend throughout your paper and highlights to the reader the specific direction of the argument. The thesis statement is therefore considered the spine of the entire essay considering it is the primary idea which you will support across the whole paper. The actual statement should be approximately 1 to 2 sentences long clearly stating the main idea of the paper.

NB: As you continue developing both your research and writing, allow room for flexibility where you would wish to make any changes which line up with your own ideas and your discoveries.

Term Paper Example

Standard Term Paper Format

The term paper could follow different formats depending on the instructions provided by the professor. Generally, things the student must take into consideration are:-

The citation style to be used – In writing the researched topic, the student will be instructed to abide by a specific citation style. Failing to follow proper referencing i.e. acknowledging the source of your information, it is likely you may be accused of plagiarism

Type of referencing – There exists a number of referencing styles used by students in their papers such as MLA, APA, Harvard, Chicago and Turban etc. Each style of referencing follows a specific unique format and therefore the importance for each student to properly document their citations and references accordingly with information they write.

Proofreading and Editing – This is a necessary and essential element for all academic assignments. Without reviewing and proofreading your final paper, you are likely to leave in mistakes and errors which could affect your final grade.

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