Statement of Research Gaps or Unanswered Questions


WRTG 391: Final Project


The research that was conducted was titled “Is Biometrics worth for investment” taking considerations of various applications of Biometric Technologies from the past decades and into the new millennium and the present time. This research also went further to analysed research conducted on the biometrics technology that are likely and the effect any future advances which might have on the world. The angle of the research was particularly vantaged upon how feasible investing into this technology in terms of profitability and effectiveness basing this next to other traditional methods in the field of providing security systems. However, the research highlighted many important reasons for overlooking traditional methods for biometrics technology, this technological advances have failed to address how this security system standardization that is very little information regarding how the technology would accommodate over the course of a long duration of time regarding its performances due to deterioration and user fluctuating characteristics due to aging, poor lighting among others.

Gaps Highlighted by the Research

This research on whether biometrics was worth to be invested in bringing up the question of whether this technology would still have the accuracy and effectiveness regarding its operation to provide reliable security over a long period of time as a result of various factors on both the users and the technology itself. While conducting a background check on population levels which could be serviced by the security systems, i noticed the human population would continue to increase with more people changing physical appearances and behavior. Very little information was provided on the accountability of this technology to address how aging, injury and/or illness that alter appearances and expressions would be accounted for long periods of time. Also, the technology involves advanced equipment however little information was provided on how the technology could be standardized in cases of adverse environmental or orientational factors such as poor lighting, poor image resolutions and even user training among others that can affect future identifications.

Areas for Further Research on this Issue.

Due to the confidentiality nature that biometrics provides to its users worldwide, more research could be done on how the biometrics system could have integrated networking that would link up with cloud computing to provide a wide variety of back end data cross-referenced across various user IDs. This would provide an up to date individual records as the user change in physical or behavioral characteristics. I believe on the questions of the biometrics technology for its accountability to be standardized, more information on updated equipment needs to be conducted to curb questions such as poor resolutions and sweaty fingers and palms when taking fingerprints among others.


Changes in the world must be accommodated by the biometrics technology in order for it to maintain its accuracy in providing systems security to users and organizations. Gaps in the biometrics technology like its standardization along the period of time requires more research in case further individuals and companies will invest in it. Further research however also needs to be done regarding the biometrics databases in updating their information towards accurate authentications and/or identifications.

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