Why Do We Want Children?

Why Do We Want Children?
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This assignment requires that you individually interview four individuals. You will carefully document each individual’s responses to the interview questions and then interpret his or her responses.


  1. Locate four individuals who are willing to spend some time answering your questions. Ideally you will pick people from different races, genders, and demographics. Let them know that there responses are completely anonymous. Interview them individually.
  2. Ask participants the two interview questions below. Carefully record their responses.

  1. A) Do you want children? Why or why not?
  2. B) If the answers to A is, “No”, ask them, “Why do you think some people want children?”
  3. C) If the answers to A is, “Yes”, ask them, “Why do you think some people do not want children?”

  1. After your interview, interpret each person’s responses according to the four   classifications listed below. One person’s response may fall into multiple categories.

  1. Societal Concerns: reasons stated a need to fulfill societal expectations or a concern for the changing social world. Examples: Because I am supposed to; To fulfill the American Dream; to give my parents grandchildren; To carry on the family name; The Bible says to be fruitful and multiply; The world is too crowded; I do not think it is a good world to bring children into; The divorce rate is too high, and I think children should have two parents.
  2. Narcissistic Concerns: preoccupation with the self in terms of self-fulfillment or impositions on lifestyle. Examples: Personal fulfillment; To give me something to do; I’d benefit from it; To have someone to love; To have a little person just like me; I enjoy time to myself; Children would get in the way of…; I can see children hampering my fun.
  3. Generative Concerns: the ability to give and share, or fear of being able to give appropriately in parenting. Examples: I could give a child a lot; I’d like to share things I have learned; I want to pass on knowledge and wisdom; TO contribute a useful citizen to society; I could not give a child all that they would deserve, I have the potential to be a child abuser because I was abused; I think it takes a special person, and I am not it.
  4. Attitudes toward Children and Relationship Concerns: Examples: I like or dislike children; to add meaning to marriage; to show how much we love each other; It would be a real love-sharing experience; It would ruin my marriage; I am not interested in marriage, and single parenthood is too much.

Compile your responses and write a summary. Determine how many responses for each question fell into each category listed above (e.g. three responses addressed societal concerns.)

Answer the following assignment questions:

    1. What was the most common classification for the question “Do you want children?” What was the most common classification for the second interview question?
    2. How do you think people’s response might differ by age? In other words, do you think the responses given by someone under age 25 are likely to fall into a category (Societal, Narcissistic, Generative or Attitudes) that is different from the categorical responses of an individual over 35? Explain your answer.
    3. Discuss how the answers are in line with, or are different from, what you expected. Also, how do the answers you received differ from discussions within the text? Explain.


I expect your papers will be approximately 2-3 pages in length and that you will spell check and proofread your work before submission. Include a works cited page at the end.

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