Topic Essay – Voluntary Informed Consent

Topic Essay – Voluntary Informed Consent
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Write a 2 to 3 page essay on one and only one of the following two topics. Your essay should be written in the appropriate academic format; that is, it must have an introduction (that includes a specific, detailed, and informative thesis statement), a body (in which the paper’s thesis is thoroughly explained and defended), and a conclusion (in which the thesis and the main points of the paper are summarized).

Topic 1:

In “Sexual Morality and the Concept of Using Another Person,”  Mappes outlines the use of Kant’s principle of humanity to an important ethical topic. What is Voluntary Informed Consent, and how does it relate to the Principle of Humanity?  After explaining those things, relate how Mappes applies the ideas to the area of sexual morality.  Give an important question you would raise of Mappes, and either attempt to apply his ideas to that question, or show where his ideas fail to address that questions.   Do those things weaken or strengthen his argument?

Topic 2:

In Nathanson’s “An Eye for an Eye?”, he explores lex talionis using Kantian principles to refute other Kantian ideas.  After a brief summary of his argument, offer a critical thought about his ideas, but especially the two passages he quotes from Kant.  Does that contradiction prove fatal for the idea of lex talionis?

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