TLMT 313 – Week 2: Cross Functional Team

TLMT 313 – Week 2: Cross Functional Team
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Discuss the individual contributions that could be made by a cross-functional team to the following list of activities. Assume the team consists of engineering, manufacturing, and supply management personnel.

a. Specifications Development

b. Market Analysis

c. Productivity/cost improvements

d. Make or buy analysis

e. Determination of inventory levels

To kick this off let me say that being able to effectively participate and lead cross functional teams is critical to effectively implementing supply chain management. Cross functional equates to diversity meaning that you have individuals with different skill sets and motivations (based on their respective organizations). Harnessing this expertise and working through the natural barriers that exist is truly a challenge that requires effort to achieve the desired end state…that is to resolve issues and problems and/or to deliver viable alternative solutions.

The forum question reflects this diversity placing it in the context of specific teams and actions.

Instructions:  Your initial post should be at least 250 words.  Please post more than 2 reply responses of 100 or more words to your classmates or the instructor.  Responses should be a minimum of 100 words and include direct questions. Please review the attached rubric for more details on the forum requirements.

Initial Post Due:  Thursday, 11:55 p.m., ET

Responses Due:  Sunday, 11:55 p.m., ET

Forum Rubric







 0 233235Points
Initial Post – Relevance, Completeness and Demonstration of UnderstandingNo post or Initial post does not answer the question or address topics, is off-topic, or is a quote rather than original thought.Initial post answers part, but not all of, the topics and questions in the forum question.Initial post addresses most of the questions or topics posed in the forum question and include valid reasoning for statements and opinions. Meets the 250 word count.Initial post completely addresses all questions and topics posed in the forum and provides reasons, sources, or justification for answers, opinions, and conclusions.  Meets minimum 250 word count. 
Response Posts – Relevance, Substantive Feedback, Critical ThoughtResponses are short statements such as, “I agree with…”, “I like this post”, or “Great job!”.Responses mostly summarize or restate the comments of others or of the original post – not substantive or aimed at moving the discussion forward.  Opinions and conclusions are not supported.Responses contribute to a substantive discussion by introducing new ideas, building on the topic of the post, or posting follow up questions.Responses are substantive and encourage discussion and critical thought by proposing a different point of view supported by a valid source or personal example, or by more completely supporting the initial statements with additional sources or application.  All responses include related follow up questions to promote critical thinking. 
Discussion Participation (responses other than initial post)No responses postedLess than 2 responses of 100 or more words to classmates OR 2 responses with less than 100 words2 responses of 100 or more words to classmates or instructor OR More than 2 responses, but less than 100 wordsMore than 2 responses of 100 or more words to classmates or instructor 
Writing MechanicsPosts and responses contain so many spelling or grammatical errors that the post is incomprehensible.  The post is not acceptable professional communication.Posts and responses contain several errors in spelling, grammar or organization that make the main points unclear.  Professionalism in communication could be improved.Posts and responses are written clearly with minor errors in organization, spelling or grammar.  They are clear, concise and professionally communicated.Posts and responses are well-organized, clear, professionally written (no text-speak), and free of spelling and grammatical errors. 
Timeliness – Deduction    (points deducted) 



Forum Guidelines:

Initial responses to the discussion board postings should include the following three elements at a minimum:

(1) Your original opinion or thought about the question.

(2) Evidence that backs up your point of view

(3) Demonstration that you are connecting the dots, that you are using critical analysis skills. Two ways to do this are by providing examples that relate to your life/work or providing an analogy that relates to the discussion topic.

Substantive responses to classmates should include at a minimum the following three elements:

(1) Your answer or item of interest relating to another student’s posting

(2) Evidence or facts or analysis that leads you in a new direction

(3) A reference to the post to which you are referring.

Forum Postings:

The key requirement is to support your analysis using the terms, concepts, and theories from the required readings in order to demonstrate to me that you understand the material.

The real value in the Forum comes from your application of the required readings and how you assess your classmates’ perceptions of that knowledge. I encourage you to insert your opinions and real world experiences just as you would in a face to face classroom.

One of the great benefits of online discussions is that students from diverse cultures and backgrounds can share different perspectives and learn from one another. It is perfectly acceptable to disagree with your classmate(s) but you must respond in a courteous and respectful manner that enhances the learning process for everyone by using the terms, models, theories, and concepts contained in the required readings. For example, “Joe, I disagree (or I agree) with your position on Bill’s leadership style because – – -.”

Please refrain from critiquing the structure or spelling of your classmates’ posts – that is the job of the instructor.

Your responses to your classmates are due as soon as possible, but not later than Sunday evening of the week that the Forum Question opens. Forum posts made after the current week is over will not be given credit. Keep in mind, the earlier you are able to post, the further the discussion can develop.

You may respond multiple times to a Forum as a continuous discussion with points and counter points.



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