Telescope Activity (Project 3)

Telescope Activity (Project 3)
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Solved (A+ Solution)

Write your answers directly on the answersheet, and submit it to the assignment folder and

You are not allowed to directly copy anything from any sources. Please make sure to use the answer sheet for your submission. Project 3 without the Turnitin submission will not be graded.

This assignment is due the end of Week Three.


Brief Overview of Activity: Research a major astronomical observatory.

Required Items: the internet & your textbook.

Research one of the following telescopes and answer the questions below

Gemini Observatory

Green Bank Telescope

Spitzer Telescope

Chandra Telescope

Fermi telescope

Hubble telescope

Spitzer Telescope

  1. Where is the telescope located
  2. What specific wavelengths of light can be studied by this device?
  3. Why would these wavelengths of light be useful to astronomers

Note that you are not allowed to copy from any other sources.

Please use the answer sheet for you submission

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