Stat 200 – Spring 2019 Mid-Term Exam (A+ Solutions)

Stat 200 – Spring 2019 Mid-Term Exam (A+ Solutions)
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University of Maryland University College

This is the Mid-Term Examination for Stat 200.  Please show all your work.  Remember, the work to obtain your solutions is as important as the solution itself.  Your completed exam is due back to your assignment folder prior to 11:59 PM Sunday,

By downloading this Exam, you agree to comply with the UMUC Code of Conduct Policy 151.25 Academic Dishonesty and Plagiarism.

  1. Two countries have the following GDP in $T USD shown in the chart. Show the % Growth for each country between 2007 and 2017 Percentage growth: Draw a bar chart to show the data in the chart above.  Use any tool (but not by hand!)
  2. The top five (5) world economies are noted in the chart below.  Based on the data, perform the following analysis:

    CountryGDP 2017
    USA $     19.39
    China $     12.23
    Japan $       4.87
    Germany $       3.68
    England $       2.62
    Rest of World $     36.35

    Calculate the % of the world economy each country represents. Develop a pie chart representing the data.

  3. Once again, reviewing the top 5 economies in the world for 2017, the table is again presented without the rest of the world. Based on the GDP for 2017, please compute the mean, median and mode. Using tools, develop a bar chart (columns) showing the T $USD for the five (5) countries above
  4. The Table in this problem provides China GDP for the years 2007 through 2017 in T $USD. Develop a histogram/bar chart for the data above using tools in LEO or elsewhere (like Excel). Compute mean, median and mode for the values as they appear in the table.
  5. The table below contains seven (7) sets of sample data, A through G.  Calculate the mean, median, and mode for each sample and fill in the table below the data.
  6. An American roulette wheel has 38 slots numbered 00, 0, 1 through 36.  18 of the slots in the 1 through 36 are colored red, and 18 are colored black.  The 0 and 00 slots are considered ‘uncolored’.  The wheel is spun, and a ball rounds the peripheral until gravity takes over and the ball lands in a slot.  What is the probability of the ball falling into (fractional answers are acceptable for this problem):
  7. Take a standard 52-card deck.  What is the probability of drawing the following (fractional answers are acceptable for this problem):
  8. Three (3) coins are tossed.  Answer the following:

      1. What is the set of possible outcomes (write it out)?
      2. Where H is denoted for head and T is denoted for tail.
      3. What is the probability of obtaining exactly 1 ‘Head’?
      4. What is the probability of obtaining at most 2 ‘Tails’?
      5. Probability of at least 1 ‘Head’?
      6. Probably of exactly 2 ‘Tails’?

  9. A survey is taken and the following people either responded or refused to respond.  The data from that survey is in the table:

      1. What is the probability that someone in this survey refused to answer the survey?
      2. What is the probability that the selected person responded and is in the 18-21 year old bracket?

  10. 98 subjects were randomly selected to tested by a polygraph.  The test is staged to determine the accuracy of the polygraph.  The point is the testers wanted to see if the subject actually lied, and did the polygraph actually record the correct results.  Those results are in the table below.

    1. What is the probability of choosing only one (1) subject that has a positive test result that did not lie?
    2. What is the probability of choosing only one (1) subject that has a negative test result and lied?

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