SPCOM3 12 Intercultural Communication

SPCOM3 12 Intercultural Communication
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 Exam – Value 100 points


Part One (15 points)

  1. Define culture (in your own words)
  2. Define Intercultural communication (in your own words)
  3. Define “meaning” in Intercultural communication (in your own words)

Part Two (85 points)

Your answer must NOT be longer that two pages-MAX!

Select ONE ICC problem from below and analyze the ICC aspects/issues you find. Address the

conflict, cause, consequence. Offer remedies, clarifications, facts to support your position. Describe how a conflict could be avoided, calmed, or neutralized. Utilize any resource material you have.

I am interested in HOW you:

1)            Perceive the problem

2)            identify the problem (look at your assignments)

3)            Offer suggestions or solutions to the problem (use examples from the videos)

4)            Discover ways to eradicate future problems (cite examples from your reading)

5)            If you can see a larger perspective and understand meaning

You should be utilizing ICC terms and language in all of your answers. Terminology and descriptive analysis will raise your grade significantly. Note: Do not linger on any “legal” issues!!

Your analysis should include aspects from the five chapters in the textbook, studied thus far.


EXAM ICC Case Problems

You are to give an analysis of what you “see” in the case problem you select.

A point distribution follows the case studies (below) and is based on each of the five chapters!

1)            Several years ago an American youth was caught vandalizing cars in a foreign country. The young man was tried under that country’s law, found guilty and sentenced to the punishment prescribed by law. The punishment was that the young man was to be “caned” (whipped across the back with a cane in public). This caused outrage in the United States, give me your view.

2)            An upper middle class Caucasian couple, childless after 9 years of marriage petitions the court to adopt a child of African descent, who was abandoned by a drug addicted mother. Although not related the local African-American Association, ACLU and various Inter-ethnic groups are opposing the formal adoption, give me your view.

3)            A Jewish male and a Hispanic female want to marry. What, if any considerations must they make regarding living, children, religion, family, give me your view.

4)            An educated, well-bred, refined young woman from a wealthy family meets a doorman, the son of a poor farmer from the South what problems might they encounter, give me your view.

5)            A United States Marine, overseas, meets, falls in love with and marries the daughter of a sheik, who is also a princess. She is smuggled into the United States and claims asylum, give me your view.

6)            A mother drowns her two children in South Carolina, fabricates a story that a “black man” carjacked her and took the children. A manhunt ensues nationwide only to discover that the mother had perpetrated a fraud, give me your view.

7)            Two same sex females in an intimate relationship for several years have the opportunity to personally meet the President of the United States. While being introduced, the women display open affection, such as hand holding, hugging and kissing, give me your view.

8)            The Queen of England is on a visit in the USA. Royal protocol dictates that NO PERSON may touch the ROYAL PERSONAGE. The mayor of a large city, while escorting the Queen on the dais, puts his hand on her back gently to allow her to enter first, this creates an International near “crisis”, give me your view.

Point distribution:

1) (15 pts):       Explanation of the ICC problem.

2) (15 pts):       Specific ICC characteristics of the issue defined.

3) (15 pts):       Relating historical significance in your analysis.

4) (15 pts):       Discussing language issues and contextualization of ICC issue.

5) (15 pts):       Explain/discuss examples of nonverbal issues (action, time, space, silence)

6) (10 pts):       Depth and breadth of your conclusion/solution of your analysis.


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