SPCOM 308 Elevator Pitch Self-Reflection

SPCOM 308 Elevator Pitch Self-Reflection
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Elevator Pitch Self-Reflection 10 Points


 Reflection and analysis are important parts of the communication process. Self evaluation is vital to understanding how one can become a more effective speaker and communicator.


  •  After your Elevator Pitch, reflect upon your experience and analyze your strengths and areas for growth.
  •  Explore how you will improve in your next speech and beyond. For example, if one of your perceived areas for growth is to make more direct eye contact with your audience, explain how you will achieve that goal in the future (e.g. using fewer notes to elicit a more natural and extemporaneous delivery).
  •  Reflect upon how you used skills from your past public speaking course(s) to prepare for this speech.
  •  The self-critique should be a minimum of one double-spaced page (size 12 Times New Roman font with one-inch margins).
  •  Proofread for spelling and grammar. If something is underlined in a color, correct if necessary.
  •  Due in the Learn@UW-Stout/D2L Dropbox by the date and time specified on your daily schedule

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