Securing Network Devices

Securing Network Devices
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  1. True or False. Securing outgoing network traffic and scrutinizing incoming traffic is not critical aspects of network security.


  1. What are three areas of router security that must be maintained?


  1. List three procedures involved in securing the features and performance of router operating systems.


  1. True or False. One method to create a strong password is to use a blank space in the password or create a phrase made of many words.


  1. To encrypt all plaintext passwords, use the ________________________ command in global configuration mode.


  1. True or False. MD5 hashes are no longer considered secure because attackers can reconstruct valid certificates.


  1. To help a Cisco IOS device provide DoS detection, use the ______________ command.


  1. What are four requirements that a Cisco router must meet before you can configure SSH?


  1. Cisco IOS software has two methods of providing infrastructure access: ___________________ and _________________.


  1. _______________access enhances the security of the device by defining the set of CLI commands accessible by a specific use.


  1. A _____________ consists of one or more CLI views. Administrators can define which commands are accepted and which configuration information is visible.


  1. The ______________ feature allows for faster recovery if someone maliciously or unintentionally reformats flash memory or erases the startup configuration file in nonvolatile random-access memory (NVRAM).


  1. To secure the IOS image and enable Cisco IOS image resilience, use the __________________ global configuration mode command.


  1. ________ provides a secure and authenticated method for copying router configuration or router image files to a remote location.


  1. What does the no service password-recovery command do?


  1. List four facilities that a Cisco router can send syslog messages to.


  1. What is SNMP?


  1. What 3 security features does SNMPv3 provide?


  1. What are some important practices available to help ensure a device (router/switch) is secure?


  1. What are Data plane packets?


  1. What are Control plane packets?


  1. What are Management plane packets?


  1. ______________________ is a Cisco IOS feature designed to allow administrators to manage the flow of traffic that is “punted” to the route processor.


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