Scope Management Plan

Scope Management Plan
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National Certificate in Project Management


Activity Title:Assessment 1

Number and Title:

Unit standard 25212 – Apply Scope Controls to a Project Level 4, Credits 5, Version 1
Assessed Elements:1,2
Conditions:Provide evidence of contribution to scope definition and application of scope controls to a project.

Task / Activity Instructions:


Question 1:

Please prepare a project scope document for a project that you are assisting a project manager with and explain the following:

  1. How you assisted with the management and development of the scope of a project.
  2. Explain how you worked with others to define and draw up the scope document,
  3. Discuss the planned outcomes of the project.

Please provide documentary evidence in support of your answers.

Question 2 :

  1. Working with the project plan show how you tracked, controlled and monitored performance with respect to the scope of the project; and applied scope controls within the project, as required
  2. Provide evidence that any variances to the project plan have been reported to senior management in terms of organizational requirements.

Please provide documentary evidence in support of your answers.

For all the questions above please be aware that evidence provided may be within your own area of expertise or across several aspects of the project. Evidence may be gathered from your contribution to several simultaneous projects or to one project over an extended period of time.

Evidence can include emails, scope documents, meeting agendas or even handwritten explanations. In need you may use the scope document and change request contained in your course materials. If you have difficulty accessing these please contact your tutor.

The same scope document can be used for both assignments.

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