Roles of Communication Skills

Roles of Communication Skills
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  1. What role(s) will communication skills play in your future as a professional in your chosen field? Provide specific examples in your answer.
  2. After reading about the model of communication, explore what causes communication to break down. Provide examples of communication breakdown.
  3. Compare and contrast formal and informal communication networks. What are the advantages and disadvantages of each? What are your experiences with these networks?
  4. Explain downward, upward, and horizontal communication. Provide examples of your experiences with each type of communication.

As you explore these types of communication, apply to the following scenario and discuss what could have been done differently.

Crystal was preparing for a meeting with her “big” boss. She feared she would be fired because her store had the worst turnover rate in the district, with two of her highest-performing employees resigning in the past month. She was not sure what was going on. She never had an issue with either one of those employees, unlike a few of her other workers who were her real concern. These other employees were not pulling their weight. They came to work late, took long lunch breaks, and would leave their stations to take personal calls. To make matters worse, they were often rude to the other employees as well as the customers. Crystal had talked to them repeatedly about changing their ways. She even took them for lunch every week or so to try to encourage them to perform more professionally. But nothing seemed to work.

  1. What does it mean to say that communication is irreversible and unavoidable?  As you answer this question, apply the concept to the following scenario:

Miranda graduated with her associate’s degree from a reputable community college and landed her dream job. She was shocked when she was let go at the end of her probationary period. She thought she was doing excellent work. She did have an issue with one of her coworkers, Dan, but she did not believe that was the problem. She made sure to discuss Dan’s bad attitude with her boss several times so that her boss would know she had done nothing wrong. Now, she had been late to work on more than one occasion, but she always stayed late to make up the time. Plus she was really good at her job. In fact, she considered herself to be far more knowledgably than the other staff members. At least twice a week, she would have to tell them about a better way to do things. They were really behind the times. She really knew her stuff.


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