Research Article Critique

Research Article Critique
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Students will be responsible for submitting a two-page critique on a research article. The chosen article must be empirically based and show research about the type of group that you hope to or have provided in class. The study within the article you pick must be a quantitative research study.

Your critique will allow you to demonstrate that you have considered and evaluated the author’s claims about the group or work that they are doing with the elderly and will give you the opportunity to develop your own analytical skills by deciding that you are doing the group you are doing because the research suggests that what you are proposing to do will be helpful to this population. In other words, if the research shows it isn’t helpful, why would you move forward with the group? You must use a peer-reviewed article from an approved databases such as those provided through the library.

Your paper will be divided into 4 sections with a subheading for sections 2-4. Failure to use this format will result in a loss of a letter grade. Due by 2:00 on ecollege.

Section 1: At the top of the paper, you will first cite the reference in APA format

Section 2: A brief summary of the article including the empirical evidence or specific claims about how the group or intervention works. This summary must also include the results of the research.

Section 3: A critical evaluation of the content of the article from your perspective. Consider:

  • Is the problem clearly stated or defined? Are important terms defined?
  • Is the review of the literature well organized and important findings noted?
  • Is there a good summary of the previous literature?
  • Is the research design described in detail and seem to be adequate for you to understand?
  • Do you think there were a sufficient number of people in this study (sample size)?
  • Are the instruments they used to gather data/information appropriate and are they described if they were valid and/or reliable?
  • Are the procedures for the data analysis and the findings clear and concisely stated?
  • Does the analysis seem objective?
  • Do they describe any of the limitations or problems with the study?
  • Do the findings and conclusions seem justified by the information presented?

Section 4: Reasoning from the evidence for pursuing this topic/intervention

  • As someone who is about to be a professional, what evidence would you cite that this article has demonstrated effectiveness or that the concept is worth you doing with your population?
  • What concerns or limitations do you see?

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