Reflective Diary

Reflective Diary
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The reflective diary is an extension of learning after class that requires the students to link risk-relevant events in the real world with risk-relevant theory or concepts discussed in the class. The reflective diary should show evidence of the evolution in students’ learning and understanding of course materials.

Every diary entry should comprise:

  • A trigger piece or event (could be newspaper cutting, advert, or other encounter or episode from your daily activities, maybe at work or elsewhere) and,
  • A reflection of how this trigger piece relates to some aspect of the course content and why it is relevant or important, written in your own words and demonstrate your ability to synthesize events with theory, and/or;
  • The inclusion of theory and references, reading material or other academic content that bears on the topic under discussion.


  • No word limit for the length of each diary, about 500 words.
  • The contents of the whole diary should cover a wide range topics discussed in the course. Repetition is discouraged and will be marked accordingly.
  • Include references at the end of each diary entry as necessary using the Vancouver style.


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