NURS 3503 Probability and Statistics 

NURS 3503 Probability and Statistics 
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Moodle Submission no later than Midnight – Week 5 Requirements and Grading Criteria

Introduction: Students will select a Nursing Research Article of Interest to them – the chosen research article must use quantitative or a combination of qualitative and quantitative statistical data.

NOTE: Students must obtain the Professors approval of their selected research article no later than end of class on Week 3. (5 Points)

General Requirements: APA format is to be followed. Paper must includes a title & reference pages. Grammar, spelling, and general formatting errors may result in point reductions for the affected section. Paper length = Maximum of 8 and minimum of 5 content pages..

Note: Max/Min number of pages does not include the title or reference pages.

Note: Refer to writing skills document for additional information.

Minimum Required Content

Title Page – Standard APA Format

Section 1 – Study Description and Background (5 Points)

Develop your own description of the research article including a general discussion of the statistical methods/tools used. Describe the sample size, data types, overall research design of the study, and briefly describe the statistical methods cited and used.

Section 2 – Statistical Methods Used (10 Points)

Discuss and explain how each statistical method/tool was used in the study. Discuss the type of statistical analysis used (descriptive or inferential – parametric or nonparametric), why you believe the researchers choose the particular statistical methods, and conclude this section with a high level interpretation of how the statistical methods used contributed to the stated findings including a brief discussion of what the findings were.

Section 3 – Evaluation of Statistics Used and Recommendations for Other Statistical Methods (10 Points)

Provide an evaluation of the statistics and statistical methods used and provide a minimum of 1 statistical method the researcher could have used, or used better, in the study. Provide an evaluation of the appropriateness of the statistical methods used and recommendations on what could have been done differently. You need to be very specific in your evaluation and recommendations.

Reference Page – Lists source of the research article and any other referenced data/reports.

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