MNGT – Develop Your Career Potential

MNGT – Develop Your Career Potential
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It is only the [armer who faith[ully plants seeds in the Spring, who reaps a harvest iii the Autumn. —B. C. Forbes, founder  of  Forbes magazine

These assignments will help develop your present and future capabilities as a manager.  Since stakeholders increasingly expect companies to do more to fulfill their discretionary responsibilities, chances are you and your company will be expected to support your community in some significant way. To begin learning about community needs and corporate social responsibility, visit a local charity or nonprofit organization of your choosing, perhaps a hospital, the Red Cross, Goodwill, Planned Parenthood, a soup kitchen, or a homeless shelter. Talk to the people who work or volunteer there. Gather the information you need to answer the following questions.


  1.  What is the organization’s mission?
  2. Who does the organization serve and how does it serve them?
  3. V/hat percentage of the organization’s donations is used for administrative purposes? What percentage is used to directly benefit those served by the organization? What is the ratio of volunteers to paid workers?
  4. What job or task does a typical volunteer perform for the organization) How much time does a typical volunteer give to the organization each week? For what types of jobs does the organization need more volunteers?
  5. How does the business community support the organization?
  6. Why are you interested in the activities of this organization?

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