MMHA 6000 – Exploring Career Options in Health Care Administration in Your Community

MMHA 6000 – Exploring Career Options in Health Care Administration in Your Community
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Assignment: Exploring Career Options in Health Care Administration in Your Community

Where do you envision yourself working as a health care administrator? How might your skills and interests be applied in a variety of health care settings? The purpose of this Assignment is to get you thinking about the many types of organizations where health care administrators, managers, or leaders may work. To prepare for this experiential Assignment, please conduct an investigation of the different settings and types of facilities in your community that contribute to the health care system. As the landscape of health care changes, delivery of health care services now involves many types of organizations, including retail pharmacies, medical equipment suppliers, clinics, diagnostic facilities, freestanding research labs, assisted living and long-term care facilities, third-party administrators, hospitals, and so forth. As you survey the types of health care services in your community, consider the different types of facilities that interest you as you develop your career goals.

For this Assignment, you prepare a PowerPoint presentation that presents a summary of some of the organizations you discover in your community. Whenever possible, please photograph the different organizations and facilities; include these photos to create visual interest and tell the story of the facilities and organizations in your community. Your presentation needs to include detail on the size and scope of the organization’s business. For example, you should include whether it for-profit or nonprofit; whether it is part of a large health system or a retail chain; and whether it is a family business, a small independent company, or something else.

Based on the various types of organizations you identify in your explorations, select at least two different organizations that you believe best fit your career interests and goals, leadership style, and professional competencies based on what you discovered about yourself from the HumanMetrics self-assessment activity. Include a discussion in your speaker notes of the unique competencies that you believe are most important for effective leadership in each of your selected organizations.

Use the information provided in this module’s Learning Resources for creating engaging PowerPoint presentations. Remember that excellent presentations have a strong visual component and highlight key points. Include in the notes section of each slide narrative details that you would use when presenting your slides. The notes section is where you can add more detail about the various organizations you found in your investigation of your community.

Download and save the Module 3 Assignment Template document. Use the template to create an engaging PowerPoint presentation. Include the following:

  • Slide 1: Title
  • Slide 2: Introduction to types of health care organizations and facilities
  • Slides 3–6: Examples and highlights, including the scope and purpose of organizations and facilities in the community (include photos if possible)
  • Slide 7: Conclusions, including a summary of the unique competencies required by your selected organizations and how they best fit your leadership style, preferences, career goals, and interests

This PowerPoint presentation is an assessment of the area in which you live (this is also referred to as an environmental assessment). You will identify specific competencies that are unique or important for the type of organization you select. This presentation is not a scholarly paper; you need to include speaker notes and will submit only your PowerPoint file. You are not required to submit this Assignment to SafeAssign.

Apply the design principles included in the Presentation Guidelines and Tips document to develop a professional presentation. On your content slides, you may use a combination of text, photos, graphs, maps, links to websites, and/or other visual elements to convey the information. Create presenter notes with a few sentences to accompany each slide in a way that supports (rather than duplicates) the information presented visually.

Your presentation must be written in standard edited English. Be sure to support your work with specific citations from this module’s Learning Resources and additional scholarly sources as appropriate. See the Assignment Rubric for additional requirements related to research and scholarly writing/presentation.


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