Milestone 4: Identify Market Success Factors

Milestone 4: Identify Market Success Factors
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Milestone 4. Identify Market Success Factors (BRAZIL)

Find the characteristics that are critical to the economic success of System in Motion(a company that I’m planning on opening in brazil)

  1. Geography and demographics factors: location, distance from the home office, climate, size, age distribution, education level, etc.
  2. Economic environment factors: Income levels, unemployment, infrastructure development, ease of doing business, lack of competition, etc.
  3. Political and legal environment factors: political and legal systems, political risk, government policy toward trade and foreign direct investment, property rights and intellectual property rights protection, corruption, political freedom, etc.
  4. Cultural environment factors: cultural values, predominant religion(s), language(s), social class structure, customer preferences and tastes, other factors that may play a role in the design, packaging, and marketing of your product/service.

I need you to find the information for the following. please find it in the way that it would benefit a company to open a business in brazil.



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