Piagetian Concepts

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Match the Piagetian term to each case. Use a response only once, or not at all.

A. ClassificationE. SeriationH. Object PermanenceK. Reversibility
B. ConservationF. NumerationI. Deferred ImitationL. Animism
C. CentrationG. DecenteringJ. Transductive ReasoningM. Egocentrism
D. Abstract  Reasoning


_____ 1.

Patti picks up her older brother’s watch and begins to put it in her mouth. Her mother takes it from her and hides it on a bookshelf.  Patti acts as if the watch does not exist anymore. Patti is exhibiting a lack of: _____

_____ 2.Zoe and Carl discuss their differing political views describing what each sees as the future consequences for the country if each candidate is elected.
_____ 3.Jimmy and Jake are given equal amounts of cookies. Jimmy breaks his in half. Jake is upset because Jimmy has “more.” Jake has not developed: _____
_____ 4.Janie is playing with her toys in front of the television. Her father is sitting in a chair nearby and is unable to see the TV screen. Her father asks Janie to move a bit because he cannot see  the screen. Janie says, “Yes, you can see it.” Because she can see the TV screen she believes her father can, too. Janie is exhibiting: _____
_____ 5.Sam puts all of his LEGO pieces in order from the smallest to the largest. Sam is exhibiting: _____
_____ 6.Amy counts her dolls by pointing to each one in turn. She points to the first and says “One,” to the second one and says, “Two,” and so on. She is exhibiting: _____
_____ 7.Morgan acts inappropriately at school. On his way home, he hurts his foot. He incorrectly links the two events. Morgan is exhibiting: _____
_____ 8.Two-year old Jordan see her brother kick the door when he is angry. The next day, when his mother is putting him in time out, he kicks the door. Jordan is exhibiting: _____
_____ 9.Justin is afraid of his own shadow because he thinks his shadow is alive and chasing him. Justin is exhibiting: _____
_____ 10.Becky is given a group of objects to sort by use. She places the eating utensils together, the writing utensils together, and the hair-grooming articles together. She is exhibiting: _____
_____ 11.Martin gets a jump rope wrapped around his legs, then gets it around his arm and then around his neck. Martin starts crying for his mother to help him get the rope off him since he cannot figure out how to undo the sequence of events and movements that got him entangled. Martin is exhibiting a lack of : _____
_____ 12.Linda calls persons with long hair “girls.” She tends to focus only on one aspect of people’s appearance in order to identify them. Linda’s mistake is due to: _____


Match the Piagetian stage to the children’s skills. Use each response only once.

A. SensorimotorB. PreoperationalC. Concrete OperationsD. Formal Operations


_____ 13.In the above cases, Janie, Justin, Morgan, Martin, Linda and Jake are most likely in which Piagetian stage?
_____ 14.In the above cases, Becky, Sam, and Amy are most likely in which Piagetian stage? Note: They developed these skills during the stage.
_____ 15.Zoe and Carl, in the above cases, are most likely in what Piagetian stage?
_____ 16.In the above case, Patti is in what Piagetian stage?


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