Lean Production System

Lean Production System
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Select a company that practices lean production and identify how this philosophy is reflected in its managerial accounting decision making.

Write a paper 5 page (double-spaced) discussing the following:

1. Lean production philosophy.

2. Lean production philosophy versus typical production.

3. Introduction/background information on the selected company.

4. Company’s application of lean production philosophy and the effects of lean production philosophy on the company’s strategy, competitiveness, cost, revenues, among others.


You will find it useful to consult credible sources through the library to learn more about your selected company, lean production philosophy, typical production and other information you may need.

The project must be APA-formatted and include a title page and a reference page. The 5 page requirement is for the body of the paper as described in 1-5 above.

You should work on 3-4 slides on it to portray shorter vision/review of the paper

The company selected caterpillar Inc


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