Leadership in multinational organizations

Leadership in multinational organizations
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Checklist for Week 3 IP

CLASS – before you submit your assignment make sure you have it in the right format and all the right components are included.

First – is you assignment a PowerPoint?  If yes, continue, if no go back and create a PowerPoint

Second – are all key points from the assignment included in the PowerPoint?

  1. What leadership considerations must an organization weigh in selecting another country to open a location such as a manufacturing plant?
  2. How might leaders need to change leadership styles to manage multinational locations?
  3. What public relations issues might arise from such a decision?
  4. How would you recommend such a company to demonstrate their social responsibility to their headquarters country as well as any offshore locations?

(Remember don’t use the questions in your assignment – just use them to guide you)

Do you have a:

Introductory Slide

Supporting Slides

Closing Slide

Do you have detailed speaker notes that provide an in-depth analysis of the key concepts and ideas?

Have you correctly cited your research in your assignment (if you don’t have research get some) and correctly listed in on your reference list?

Have you reviewed the example of Unit 3 IP that is uploaded in the Learning Materials and listened to the recorded chat?

Have you reviewed the Rubric to make sure all key points are included?

If you can answer yes to all of these questions proceed and upload your assignment.

If not go back and fix the areas you are missing. You grade will thank you.

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