INFO 331 – Week 8 reflections

INFO 331 – Week 8 reflections
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Class, I appreciate your participation in this forum! For this assignment, please post your original post addressing the topics below prior to 11:55 ET on Wednesday. You are not required to post any replies to your classmates, although you may do so if you choose.

Discussion Points:

Please write a reflection summary of what you have learned these past eight weeks from your INFO331 Management Information Systems class discussions, readings, and activities. Also, tell me what things I did as an instructor that were the most helpful to you, as well as any suggestions you have for further improving this course.  Thank you, and I am looking forward to reading your reflections!

Forum Rubric for Grading: 

Rubric for Learner PostsPoints
Synthesis of concepts in a substantive manner  (critical to class performance)60
Applications of personal experience30
Writing standards10

Initial Post Due: Wednesday, by 11:55 PM, ET

No replies to classmates are required

Synthesis of conceptsApplications of personal experienceWriting standardsRubric for Response to Two or More StudentsTimeliness
Synthesized concepts in a substantive manner (critical to class performance). The response refers to course materials and shows a clear understanding of main ideas and concepts.  There are no irrelevant comments and the information is on point.  Ideas are clearly and properly organized.The response provides personal examples that tie in with the course material being discussed.  Reflection is evident and clearly ties in with the material presented.  Insight was provided to some concept.The writing is grammatically correct, clear and concise.  The response is well formulated and easy to read and understand.  Correct terminology was used when needed.Responded to two or more students in substantive manner. The other learner’s ideas, questions, concerns were addressed.  The response referenced reading or lecture materials when needed.  The response addressed the learner’s feelings if needed.  There were no irrelevant or off-point comments.  The posting reflects a clear understanding of the other learner’s ideas.The posting was “not” submitted on time.
30%20%10%40%10% (deduction)



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