ECON 104Macroeconomic Analysis Short Essay

ECON 104Macroeconomic Analysis Short Essay
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A+ PAPER (Short Essay) – current events

Choose any Macroeconomics’‡ current events from any media outlets. Your assignment is to analyze this economic event/s using economic concepts, models, and terminology from the class textbook and class discussions in 2 to 3 typewritten pages.

You must let me know the article’s origin (i.e., where does it come from: what newspaper, what magazine, what date, the web address of the article, etc.). As such, you must attach a copy of the original article along with your paper. The point is that I must be able to read the article myself.

The paper is due on (THR) at 11pm.

Please remember that the whole point of the paper is for you to show me what you have learned this semester by putting your knowledge of economic theory, using the models and paradigms from our class textbook and class discussions, into practice. Use your textbook as a guide in analyzing the current event. Couple that with an original graph (i.e., a graph that is not copy/pasted from the article, but rather a graph that you have identified theoretically to model the situation that you are analyzing), provide a clear thorough analysis. I look forward to reading your papers. I always learn a lot about what’s going on in the country, and better yet; I learn how much my students have learned this semester.

Note: If you plan to include diagram(s) in your paper, then you must be able to explain and show the correlation between your diagram(s) and the current event.

Format of paper presentation

  1. Introduction (Summary of article)
  2. Analysis of article
    1.  Application of model to the article
    1.  References to the text or to the article
  3. Conclusion
  4. Attached copy of original article

Recommended sources for your article

CNN, The Wall Street Journal (Asia/Europe), Bloomberg, USA today, BBC, The New York Times, Business Week.

Websites available in Penn State:

  1. (Links to an external site.)
  2. (Links to an external site.)
  3. (Links to an external site.)


Checklist before submission:

  1. You must include a reference to your paper. Missing current event link during submission will lose 10 points.
  2. The title of your article must be on the first page of your paper.
  3. Please include your name on every page of your paper.
  4. Use your name as the file name.
  5. File Types: doc, pdf, and docx are only allowed to be uploaded.


  1. As you write your analysis paper, I want to give you a strong reminder about plagiarism, against which I take a very strong line. This is an advance warning that I will give 0 points to papers that are plagiarized.
  2. Please do not select any current event article analyzed by an economist, bloggers, opinion or from The Motley fool.  I want to read your analysis of current event rather than an analysis from another writer/person.
  3. Graphs can be drawn manually. The presentation of your graphs must be related to your discussions or economic explanation.
  4. Please use size 12 fonts and double space.
  5. If I did not receive your paper on due date, then I will assume you did not submit your short essay.
  6. Your submission is final and no-rewrite.
  7. Submit your paper using assignment folder in Canvas.
  8. Grading, refer to pg 11 in syllabus.

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