Chapter 6 Worksheet

Chapter 6 Worksheet
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  1. True or False. It is not important to secure the end devices that reside on the network.


  1. Layer 2 security configurations include enabling ______________, ____________, _____________, and _______________.


  1. What security solutions can protect endpoints in a borderless network?


  1. Endpoints are susceptible to data theft. What can we do to protect these resources?


  1. _____________ provides a variety of security-related resources which are now being integrated into Cisco products.


  1. List and describe some main features and benefits of Cisco Email Security solutions.


  1. The ______________ is a mitigation technology for web-based threats that helps organizations address the growing challenges of securing and controlling web traffic.


  1. What is the purpose of Network Admission Control?


  1. What does a CAM table do?


  1. What is the most effective method to prevent CAM table overflow attacks?


  1. What is a VLAN hopping attack and how can you protect a network from these types of attacks?


  1. How do you enable the PVLAN Edge feature on a Cisco switch?


  1. There are three types of PVLAN ports. List and describe each type.


  1. ______________ attacks can be mitigated using DHCP snooping on trusted ports.


  1. To prevent _______________ or poisoning, a switch must ensure that only valid ARP requests and replies are relayed.


  1. What is PortFast?


  1. What is BPDU Guard?


  1. What is Root Guard?


  1. What is Loop Guard?


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