Chapter 6 Worksheet

Chapter 6 Worksheet
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  1. True or False. Many of today’s networks are connected to each other through the Internet.
  2. What is considered a host on a network?
  3. What’s can be shared on a Computer Network?
  4. How do network devices link together?
  5. List at least 3 types of devices that can connect to a network including some you own.
  6. List 6 benefits of networking computers and other devices.
  7. Describe what a LAN is.
  8. Describe what a WLAN is.
  9. Describe what a PAN is.
  10. Describe what a WAN is.
  11. What are some disadvantages to peer-to-peernetworks?
  12. True or False. Bandwidth is usually measured in Bytes per second.
  13. What is the difference between Half-Duplex and Full-Duplexcommunications?
  14. What is an IP address?
  15. What is a MAC Address?
  16. What is a subnet mask?
  17. What does DHCP do?
  18. What is Ping commonly used for?
  19. What are advantages and applications for TCP and UDP?
  20. What is the difference between a router and a switch?
  21. What is VoIP?
  22. What is the throughput for a Category 5e Ethernet cable?
  23. What type of physical topology connects all devices to each other?
  24. List four common wireless Ethernet standards.
  25. What are the four layers of the TCP/IP Model?
  26. What are the 7 layers of the OSI Model?
  27. Ifthe NIC LED lights are not lit on a network computer what could be causing this issue and what is a potential fix to the problem?
  28. What is a SSID?
  29. What are the four main considerations for an internet connection?
  30. You have just finished installing new wireless access points in your business. An employee comes to you with an older work laptop and complains they can’t see the organization’s wireless network but can see other nearby wireless networks. Your new personal work laptop is connecting to the organization’s network successfully. What could be a probable cause and solution for the complaint?

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