Chapter 6: Developing Leadership Skills

Chapter 6: Developing Leadership Skills
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Discussion Questions


  1. Why do you believe that research on leadership has increasingly shifted from traits to skills in the past 10 years?


  1. Which is the most important leadership skill group in your opinion (administrative, interpersonal, or conceptual)?  Why?


  1. In the administrative skill group, what is the most important characteristic capability for a leader to possess (showing technical competence, managing resources, managing people)?  Why?


  1. Why might administrative skills be considered the most fundamental of all leadership skills?


  1. How do you think leaders can improve on their interpersonal skills if it is not their strong suit?


  1. In your own words, what is emotional intelligence and why is it important for leadership?


  1. Can you give an example of when you used emotional intelligence to handle a situation at work or school?


  1. Which leadership skills are most important when working in a virtual team?


  1. Are leadership skills exhibited the same way by men and women?  By older and younger workers?  By people from different cultures?


  1. How do leadership skills relate to leadership styles? In other words, how do administrative, interpersonal and conceptual skills relate to task, relational and change behaviors of leaders?


  1. Are all the skills equally important in every leadership situation? Explain how their relative importance might change.


  1. Are there key leadership skills you would add to the ones discussed in this chapter? Explain.


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