Business and Financial Impacts..

Business and Financial Impacts..
  • Description

Total Paper Requirements

  • Total Paper Length: minimum 900 words
  • Total Main Body Sections: (2) Main Body Sections and two (2) Appendices
  • Total Number of Credible References: minimum four (4) Credible References

Section Descriptions

Section 1

  • Title: Business Impacts
  • Length: Minimum 600 words
  • Description:  When you make a technology decision it should benefit your organization.  Explain how your script will benefit your organization. Include an Organization Description for your organization you will be using to describe your Business Impact.  Two (2) to three (3) paragraphs describing your organization.

Section 2

  • Title: Financial Impacts
  • Length: Minimum 300 words
  • Description: Along with Business Impacts your technology decisions will also have financial impact on your organization.  Describe these financial impacts and your estimation to what they will be.

Appendix 1

  • Title: In-Class Lab Script
  • Description: Your script you used to complete the In-Class Lab.  Formatted for easy reading.

Appendix 2

  • Title: Expanded Course Project Script
  • Description: Your script you used to complete the Expanded Course Project.  Formatted for easy reading.


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