Business and Financial Impacts of Technology 2

Business and Financial Impacts of Technology 2
  • Description

Total Paper Requirements

  • Total Paper Length: minimum 900 words
  • Total Main Body Sections: (2) Main Body Sections and two (2) Appendices
  • Total Number of Credible References: minimum four (4) Credible References

Section Descriptions

Section 1

  • Title: Business Impacts
  • Length: Minimum 600 words
  • Description:  When you make a technology decision it should benefit your organization.  Explain how your script will benefit your organization. Include an Organization Description for your organization you will be using to describe your Business Impact.  Two (2) to three (3) paragraphs describing your organization.

Section 2

  • Title: Financial Impacts
  • Length: Minimum 300 words
  • Description: Along with Business Impacts your technology decisions will also have financial impact on your organization.  Describe these financial impacts and your estimation to what they will be.

Appendix 1

  • Title: In-Class Lab Script
  • Description: Your script you used to complete the In-Class Lab.  Formatted for easy reading.

Appendix 2

  • Title: Expanded Course Project Script
  • Description: Your script you used to complete the Expanded Course Project.  Formatted for easy reading.


Course Project Guidelines

For any formal writings in this course, we will be utilizing these guidelines.  If these guidelines are not met, the work will be scored as a zero (0).

The spirit of any formal writing for this course is to conduct original work.  With this idea in mind you will need to document and reference any material or ideas that are not your own.  Your papers will be checked for this.  If you are found not to have done original work or not properly reference work according to APA style, action will be taken according to University of Wisconsin – Stout academic dishonesty guidelines.

Also in the spirit of these assignments, you are to create original work for each assignment, even though you may have similar assignments in more than one course.  You are not allowed to use work from one course in another course unless you have prior written permission from the instructor(s).  Nothing in writing means no permission.

Formal writing normally follows a style.  We will be using the American Psychological Association (APA) style for all formal writing in this course.  There are numerous sources for information regarding APA style available to students.  Some of the main resources are Microsoft Word, UW-Stout Library website, and the UW–Stout Writing Center.  See additional Information Sources at the end of this document.

To help reduce confusion about format issues, you will utilize a template used at UW-Stout that follows standard research paper protocols.  This template should also help alleviate a lot of questions that students new to research writing often ask.  Feel free to use this link to the research paper information resources (; the specific template we will use is here, research paper template (  Please download this template and become acquainted with the elements of a research paper.  You may use this as a starting point for the formal paper.  For this paper, you will likely only use some portions of the paper.  However, elements that must be included are described on this checklist and the guidelines for the individual formal paper.

Please note that Microsoft Word has automated features to do most of these, especially:

  • Table of Contents
  • Page Numbering
  • APA Style (Parenthetical Citations and Reference Lists)
  • Page Breaks

The entire Formal Paper (all sections and pages) are to be submitted as one paper (document) in a standard Microsoft Word format and not separate documents.  Failure to do this will result in a zero for this paper.

Items to be included in a formal paper are:

  • If you do not follow these requirements, you will receive one (1) point for the paper
  • Complete and well developed thoughts

    • If you are writing and forming thoughts and are approaching your required length, do not abruptly end your thoughts
    • The paper is more about thought formation than it is about the length of your paper
    • If your thoughts end abruptly and incomplete, so will be your grade

  • Spelling and Grammar

    • No spelling errors
    • No grammar errors
    • Papers will be written to at least a 10.0 on the Flesch-Kincaid Grade Level scale

      • As calculated by Microsoft Word

  • General Page Formatting

    • As outlined by APA guidelines

  • Page Headers

    • Paper Title
    • Aligned to right
    • On top of every page except the Title Page

      • No Paper Title in header on Title Page

    • Found in the top inch of a page

      • Not part of the actual body

    • Recommended to use the built in features of Microsoft Word

  • Page Footer

    • Page numbering

      • Automatic ‘Page of PageTotal’ number
      • E.g. Page 3 of 14

    • Title Page is page number one
    • Aligned to right
    • On bottom of every page except the Title Page

      • No Page Number on Title Page

    • Found in the bottom inch of a page

      • Not part of the actual body

    • Recommended to use the built in features of Microsoft Word

  • Page Breaks and Section Breaks

    • Do not hit multiple enters (carriage returns) to get to next page
    • Use page breaks and section breaks

  • Paper Sections and Appendixes

    • Place each new section of the paper at the top of a new page
    • Format Section Title

      • 12 point
      • All Caps

        • Not Bold or Italicized

      • Centered on top line

    • One cartridge return between title and section

  • Order of Paper

    • Title Page
    • Executive Summary (if included)
    • Table of Contents
    • Body of Paper

      • Including assigned sections

    • Reference List

  • Cover page

    • See Graduate School template

  • Executive Summary (if included)

    • Length
    • Between 100 to 200 words
    • Summary statement designed to provide a quick overview of the full-length report
    • Executive Summary should be developed last, so it includes the entire paper

  • Table of Contents

    • Page Numbers right aligned
    • Periods between names and numbers
    • Double spaced

      • All spacing will be standard double spacing with no leading or trailing space between the lines

    • Names match to what is in Paper
    • Recommended to use the built in features of Microsoft Word

  • Parenthetical Citations (In-Line citations)

    • Use APA formatting
    • Recommended to use the built in features of Microsoft Word

  • Quotes, charts, titles, block quotes, pictures, and tables do not count toward required total word count for the section or paper
  • Reference List

    • Use APA formatting
    • Separate Page
    • Recommended to use the built in features of Microsoft Word 2007

  • References

    • From Credible and Reputable sources

      • These sources have some oversight and accountability

    • Examples of reputable sources are:

      • Peer-reviewed and refereed journals
      • Published books
      • Scholarly magazines
      • Interviews of experts
      • Professional association publications

    • Examples of non-reputable, non-usable sources are, but not limited to:

      • Wikis
      • Blogs
      • Personal websites
      • Corporate websites with self-serving interests or advertising their own products or services
      • Email

    • Interviews with an Expert, if required

      • The interviewee is a person that is working and gainfully employed in the field that the paper applies to
      • This does not include Stout employees
      • This does not include family relations
      • Family members may not be used as an interview, unless prior written permission has been given by the instructor
      • Interviews will be documented and referenced according to APA formats
      • The interview will be recorded

  • If you have any questions and I am not able to answer them in the time frame you need, use the resources below and your best judgement

    • I want you to proceed with writing the paper and not be held up

Additional Information Sources


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