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ADN vs. BSN-prepared Roles paper draft: (A+ Paper + Presentation)

• Submit a draft of your ADN vs BSN-prepared Roles paper and the grading rubric to the writing center at least one week before the paper’s due date through the link on your Moodle course page (located on the right hand side in the Academic Help box and labeled Writing Help) to receive feedback on writing conventions, such as grammar, punctuation, sentence and paragraph structure, and clarity of writing.

• Upload writing center’s initial reply email to drop box by due date in the course syllabus (10 pts)

Art of Nursing PowerPoint: (rubric continues on next page)

For this assignment you will create a 5-6 slide PowerPoint presentation about the art of nursing using the rubric below as your guide.

Art of Nursing Powerpoint Grading Rubric

PowerPoint (5-6 slides)

*PP presentation is creative and professional

*Title slide includes title of presentation, student’s name and school affiliation

*Font uniform and size (>20 pt, up to 54), readable

*Simple & limited text

~General guideline – no more than 6 bullet points per slide; 30 words per slide

~Make sure that the slide graphics do not obscure reading of the text

*Image(s) included – size, clarity, and relevance – referenced

*Reference image on slide, not in reference list

*Citations for text used on slides, right lower corner

*Last slide(s) for references in APA format 10 points possible

Discuss what the art of nursing means to you personally 25 points possible

Define the art of nursing and how it differs from the science of nursing: ​ 25 points possible

Describe how both the art and science of nursing work together to form professional nursing practice ​ 30 points possible

Writing Skills Grammar, punctuation, and spelling 10points possible


Week Four: Quiz – Academic integrity and plagiarism (access from Week Four Assignments section) ADN vs. BSN-prepared Roles Paper: (Submit to writing center at least one week before due date). For this assignment you will write a formal, scholarly paper comparing and contrasting ADN and BSN-prepared roles in nursing. Use feedback from the writing center to improve any areas indicated. This is not an opinion paper. You will use the two articles you obtained from the library database and your textbook as sources for this paper. The paper will consist of 3-4 pages – a title page, main body of the paper (introduction, body, and conclusion) and a references page. The grading rubric is as follows: ADN vs. BSN-prepared Roles Paper Rubric Possible Achieved Content – 1-2 pages

• Introduction (20)

• Main body comparing and contrasting ADN and BSN-prepared roles in nursing. Include at least one in-text citation from the course textbook and in-text citations from at least two scholarly journal articles as supporting evidence (40)

• Conclusion (20) 80 Writing Conventions: Grammar, spelling, punctuation, sentence structure, etc. Upload a copy of the feedback received from the writing center as a separate file 10 APA Format:

• Correct formatting of the title page including running head and page number (2)

• Correct format for section headings, title of paper, and running head for subsequent pages (2)

• Correct use of in-text citations, avoiding plagiarism (2)

• Scholarly, peer-reviewed articles published within the last 5-7 years (2)

• Correct format for references list (2) 10 TOTAL 100

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