Chapter 5-Operating Systems

Chapter 5-Operating Systems
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Chapter 5 Worksheet


  1. What is the purpose of an operating system?


  1. Define multi-tasking


  1. Define Multi-threading


  1. What’s the difference between 32-bit and 64-bit operating systems?


  1. What’s the difference between a desktop OS and a network OS?


  1. List at least 3 desktop operating systems.


  1. List at least 3 network operating systems.


  1. What is a hardware compatibility list?


  1. Before installing an operation system on a hard drive, the hard drive must be ______ and ______.


  1. What is a primary partition?


  1. What is an Active partition?


  1. True or False. Multiple extended partitions can exist on a single hard drive.


  1. Define formatting.


  1. True or False. NTFS incorporates more file system security features and extended attributes than the FAT file system.


  1. What does the Microsoft System Preparation (Sysprep) tool do?


  1. The BOOTMGT file is located on which partition?


  1. Describe the Application and Processes Tabs on Windows Task Manager?


  1. What is the purpose of Windows Explorer?


  1. What can be seen on the System Monitor?


  1. What is the run utility useful for?


  1. Why might a business choose to use Virtualization?


  1. Describe the purpose of a Hypervisor.


  1. List some Preventative Maintenance Planning methods.


  1. What are the reasons to use the System Restore utility?


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