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  1. Use this letterhead for your memorandum.


  1. AR 25-50 provides guidance on preparing and managing Army correspondence. Ensure you review paragraphs 1-16, 1-17 (Times New Roman will also be acceptable), 1-21, and 1-23 to prevent common errors.  Chapter 1, Section IV will help recall guidelines from class lecture regarding the Army Writing Style.  This template, the assignment instructions, assignment rubric, and your review of AR 25-50 Chapter 2 will aid you in constructing your memorandum in the correct format.


  1. Normally we try to limit memorandums to one page. However, for this assignment you are required to demonstrate your understanding of continuation page formatting.  Ensure you abide by AR 25-50 when making continuation pages.  Microsoft word can be tricky with continuation pages and headings.  READ THE ASSIGNMENT INSTRUCTIONS and double check your work!


  1. Use the last paragraph to identify adequate Point of Contact (POC) information. For this assignment, you will be the POC and are only required to list your email address (for this assignment, do not list telephone numbers, addresses, etc.).  As you see, the letterhead template already provides an appropriate organization address for you.
  2. Compose a correct signature block after the appropriate spacing from the last paragraph. Pay attention to capitalization and consider the example provided below.


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