Roles and Functions of a Professional Nurse

Nursing encompasses collaborative and a great deal of autonomous care of people across all groups, ages, communities, and families, whether well or sick and in every type of setting. In a day nursing involves the prevention of illness through the promotion of health, caring for the disabled, ill and dying individuals. Apart from these, the nurses operate around a wide variety of specialties working as a part of a larger team of individually to plan, assess, evaluate and implement care. To see this accomplished, a nurse has several roles/ functions that he or she performs, usually simultaneously and depending on the needs of the patient. I believe a nurse is a manager of care, collaborating with other healthcare workers, they ensure cohesive patient care. He/ She coordinate and direct care for non-professionals and professionals alike to ensure the patient’s objectives are met. They prioritize and manage multiple patient care at the same time. They are also in charge of continuity beginning from the entry of a patient in the hospital until they are discharged, which may include supervising their homecare needs.

With this in mind, as a nurse, I acknowledge that efficient communication techniques would assist in improving the healthcare environment as a communicator since the healing process can be inhibited by barriers to effective communication. This is a key component towards continuity of care program since it requires good communication with patients, their families as well as the team of healthcare members. I believe decision making through critical thinking skills in setting goals, making decisions and influencing patient outcomes are critical in assessing my patients, recognizing their problem, planning and executing an intervention and finally evaluation their outcomes.  Since I would be juggling multiple responsibilities, critical judgment, plus the capacity to distinguish the best need for the patient would provide the best way forward for my patients and success in providing health care.

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