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HOW DOES MBA HELP MY CAREER? Essay writing for MBA admissions is a determinate piece of academic work for your future career. This is why it is better to use as many additional options that increase the quality of your paper as possible. You can make sure your essay will reflect your professional level and your desire to study at a particular university by hiring one of our expert at Myessayplanet. In this case, you will be assigned an experienced specialist with the highest rating given by previous customers. CHECK OUT THIS VIDEO FOR AN OVERVIEW OF 5 WAYS AN MBA CAN BENEFIT YOU. Now you have had a considerable analysis about your future and you have settled on embarking on an MBA to take your career to new heights. But first, you have to figure out what type of program which will be most appropriate for you. Such questions you might have are; am I best suited for an executive or Global MBA? Should I enroll in full-time classes and leave my current job or work part-time and attend a part-time program? What about taking up online programs instead?

Types of MBA Course Programs

To answer these, we need to begin by reviewing the current choices available:-

Full-time MBA 1–2 years 3+ years Full time course load
Part-time MBA 3+ 0–3 years Evening classes allow students to keep working full-time
Online MBA 2 years 0–3 years Personalized schedule to be followed from home
Executive MBA (EMBA) 2 years For execs with 8+ years Generally meet on weekends to accommodate student’s busy work schedule
Early Career MBA 2+ years For recent college grads Full time course load
Global MBA 1–2 years For execs (middle- and upper-level managers) from all over the world Full-time course load
Certificate Programs1–2 semesters (varies by school) Not required 4 to 6 courses

How Can I Choose the Right MBA Program?

When selecting the right MBA program option to suit your needs, you need to consider the following four queries:-

1. The requirements for admission: How Experienced are you?

MBA courses require a varying amount of work experience between programs. It is common to find Full-time programs that entail very minimal to no work experience and expertise – for instance, those 5-year BA/MBA degree programs. For recent college/university graduates, it is advisable to go for an early-career MBA program. A lot of part-time MBA programs often have a preference for 3-years’ work experience; nonetheless, at more times, they have been recently accepting students with lesser experience.

2. Cost of program: Can you afford it?

These graduate degrees are quite costly and although some platforms often offer scholarships to MBA students, these grants are usually not as generous as they are to the undergraduates. If you are lucky enough to be in some form of employment, It is common to find EMBA, part-time and certificate program students awarded with full or partial scholarships/reimbursements from their employers. However, this route often has a catch – that is where most of such reimbursements come with terms that necessitate recipients to remain working for the employer after earning their degree for a given time period. In the world today there are various ways to pay for these programs if you are not lucky to find one, get ready to foot the bill.

3. Time Commitment: How soon do you Need MBA Degree?

People have realized how MBA will help in their career and this has led to many enrolling for an MBA degree. In case you are one of them and need the degree ASAP, you should think about signing up for a full-time program. There are programs that will deliver you a degree in just 12 months’ time as you explore your findings. Those with a longer time on their hands can enroll for part-time programs which usually take approximately 3-4years (Although students with undergraduate business degrees can at-time forgo/ place out some of the courses.

4. Professional/Career Goals: Do you want to upgrade your Value?

A lot of people feel that they are not comfortable with their current positions in their career/company. Such individuals can take part-time programs. Not only are they a good fit for them since they are juggling between their job and class, but these certificate courses will also enhance your value by increasing your professional skills. But when looking to begin a whole new career from your current one (maybe to find a new niche) a full-time program is the best program to enroll on. Taking a part-time program only lags your progress given some incentives like employer reimbursements provided in a part-time program will probably be unavailable. To enroll in online programs which will allow you to thoroughly network with other scholars and your instructors.

Most Effective MBA Essay

During the application process for any MBA or a business school program, the applicant is often required to submit along with his/her credentials an application essay. It is usually an underrated phase of many applications disregarding the fact that many MBA committees and boards assess the candidates through this particular essay. This application essay clarifies to the board why you want admission into your program of choice. In light of this, you will require MBA Essay Writing services which is top-notch that will guarantee you will get swift admission into your school and program of choice to advance your career. At myessayplanet you will get this through our experts ready to at your service.


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Importance of MBA Essay

The MBA admission essay is a very significant aspect of the MBA program which apart from demonstrating the student’s worth during his/her admission but it also helps in developing exceptional writing skills in the applicant. It has been confirmed that applicants with exceptional test scores or grades can be turned down during the vetting examinations by top-rated institutions simply due to their substandard essay writing capabilities.

The configurations of MBA essays are aligned in the specific arrangement which has to be followed by each and every learner so as to attain full points for their final grade. Those learners with a proper understanding of MBA essay writing can significantly set themselves apart from their colleagues. Suffice to say, MBA essays must be drafted following a proficient set of guidelines adhering to comprehensive research work on the assigned subjects.

Points to Consider when Writing MBA Essays

Below as crucial points that you as a student/ scholar should take into consideration when you write MBA essays; this includes when you write MBA admission essays as well as in those essays written in the course of your studies. Ensure that the essay you hand into your instructor reflects your unique impression of your augments. These significant points/tips are outlined below…

Introduction of Essay

Introducing your essay should be captivating enough to capture the audience’s curiosity to explore further. This content should be convincing, present a brief overview of the issue in question and robustly examine the literature review or background info. about the subject matter. Ending the introduction must smoothly transition into the body of the essay.  

Essay Structure

The structure of the essay must be professionally presented so that the examiner or reader is able to recognize your competence as an MBA scholar. The essay structure has to encompass all information, evidence and facts from your extensive research following each statement line as support to your claims. Further, the essay flow should be creatively captured within each paragraph with each paragraph averagely 6-8 sentences to ease the reading process.


The essay should be made more customizable by composing it in standardized units. This is to enhance one’s uniqueness and separate their abilities from the rest of the crowd. Moreover, the essay should communicate its message in a rational and presentable manner. Thus segmenting the essay paper using suitable sub-headings and headings will accomplish this by helping to directly communicate to the reader, providing direct answers and resolving the subject matter. Also, these MBA essays must use a business tone that reflects the professionalism of the student.

Nature Of Essay

The essay should be positively characterized. Firmly stick to the positive opinions and thoughts while explaining an argumentative statement. Moreover, substantial evidence and facts should be integrated to support the contentious statement detail. However, specific details of the topic should be incorporated with no traces of general stuff. Your essay should be a mirror of your experience in writing professional and business essays.

Common Flaws when Writing MBA Essays

Writing MBA essays is not an easy gig rather a complex task to communicate the information about a specified topic. Majority of students spend sleepless nights to get a good grasp of MBA essays. The online research materials are not apt for writing clear and precise content. Majority of students lack smartness to firmly present the facts and evidences that would support the argumentative statement.

Moreover, students are not technically strong with the business modules and techniques to write a business essay before appearing for the admission test. It has been observed that students are not well-versed with the essential steps involved in an essay writing help process. In due course of their MBA session, the gap is identified and fulfilled accordingly.

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