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Myessayplanet.com is the best online academic services help agency that specializes in a wide array of online assignments and homework help for students across the globe. Our HQ is located in Overland Park, Kansas with smaller branches in Dallas and Greensboro. Today we have a dedicated team of over 300+ professional and proven homework help experts has been in operation for close to 10 years providing affordable assignment and homework help services.


Our services are wide-ranged because from our massive experience base we have understood no two institutions providing similar academic content and questions will always be graded in an exact manner. Therefore from queries related to coursework, thesis statements, case studies, dissertations, Mat Labs, Online tests, discussions, and exams among many others are all but just a few academic writing help services we provide. All this has been made possible because our academic experts are mainly top Ph.D. and Masters Graduates who like you are seeking extra side-hustles to get by in this day and age.

Therefore there is absolutely no need to spend much time searching the internet for another website because we myessayplanet is the best online academic writing help website that provides the best quality papers. Tap into a vast plethora of knowledge from our database or just place an order to get yourself the best academic paper you have always wished to land you an A+ grade.


To provide all scholars professional academic assistance and service them is the best possible way to satisfy their academic needs. Giving all customized solutions which passionately meet each individual’s needs is always the first priority for student success.


To make the cost of acquiring top grades for your quality education anywhere in the world as affordable as possible. We are passionate to reach as many scholars as possible and are aware of the cost of education for students can be very burdensome. With this vision, we strive to provide top-notch quality papers which is worth the cost.  



ALL subjects covered: from mathematical calculations, literature, coding, health and social sciences, humanities, accounting and many more subject areas.


Our specialty comprises developing creative and original assignment papers that are both thoroughly researched and detailed reports abiding by all instructions.


At MyEssayPlanet, we are very keen on academic integrity golden rules and are serious about plagiarism. To ensure originality, we provide a complimentary Turnitin Originality report alongside all completed assignment.

Our strict tradition which has been upheld all along our existence has been thinking out of the box. This is a prerequisite that has allowed us to grasp the discipline to create quality content and academic papers worthy of excellent results all through. Whether handling the coursework, case study, thesis, lab, or any type of assignment help, each member of our expert academic researchers is well informed that we don’t uphold ideas that deter basic understanding of the subject. Each and every paper is given the time and respect it deserves by the writer that is: carefully reviewing the deadlines, instructions, accuracy or answers, and errorless content. All this ensures all our customers are satisfied with the results from their orders.

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