10 Steps to Write a Great Essay

This is the best formula for the perfect essay

Many educational materials have the mistake of comparing the essay writing process with just putting together words that tell a given story targeting particular content. According to many scholarly researchers, this is just out of question. One cannot just wake up one morning and compare riding a bicycle with steering a ship. We are not saying that writing any essay should very difficult process like a 50-pound teenager trying out 200-pound weights. Absolutely not!! Anyway, you need an appropriate blueprint to create a brilliant essay. Now let us shed some light on the best steps and techniques to use to write a great essay.

Planning is everything_____ Dwight D. Eisenhower

The 34th President of the United States was very clear in his words which we should heed to the letter. If you know your academic skills are trailing behind, it is important you check out all this guide which should be your first priority.

  • Select a good topic

This is the first and very important fact that is choosing the right topic for your essay. This obvious and undeniable fact makes the following steps and flow of thought to be easier that is in the situation where a topic has not been provided to you by your instructor or teacher. Your paper will be much more interesting and captivating to your audience if your topic is very catchy, appealing and straight to the point, so select wisely.  Anyway, you may check our articles with similar layouts here.

  • Conduct a thorough research

This is the second most crucial step since it will comprise a majority of your essay content. Do a profound study from a wide array of resources such as your course material, scholarly materials, journals, articles, and many others. Regardless of the topic, you have selected, there is a lot of material more than enough provided by professionals and experts from local libraries, the internet, and repositories. It is significant that these resources are wisely chosen, not randomly; this will ensure that your content is from credible trustworthy sources

  • Set aside enough time

You will not always find a good idea immediately. Look at the theme of your essay from different perspectives and repeat this process over and over again. Take a small break to create your big picture, and repeat the process. This allows your mind to expand and develop all the possible alternatives to your argument and the strategies available to you. You can organize your personal brainstorming session in the phase of writing your great essay.

  • Organize your flow of thought

Now that you have had time to brainstorm, it is necessary to build a blueprint or outline using the information collected for your great essay. This outline must be very detailed and structured. Also, you must incorporate various keywords and references from your research for every point raised in your essay in your outline. In case your thinking is full of imagination and creativity, you could create your outline to resemble a pyramid, a block pattern or even the sun among other objects you relate with.  

  • Have the proper thesis statement

The thesis statement is the roof of your essay. You can find from many sources even the internet specific how to information of drafting the right A+ thesis statement. To put it I a few words, the thesis statement should be clear, easy to understand, thorough and concise. Your essay will be structured from your thesis statement therefore you must work towards the ideal for your great essay.

  • Get to word and do it!!

With all the information you have amassed, now begin writing the great essay. Start with the introduction; carefully draft your essay’s main body ensuring all the information you researched have been included and finally write your conclusion which reviews your essay perfectly.

  • Do not forget to take a break

All work with no play makes jack a dull boy. Make sure you have a rest (This is not a joke). Writing your best essay is not as easy as it may seem so in your planning make sure you take some breaks to go for a small walk or nap to rest your precious brain. You must remember you are not a machine and can work 24/7 and just be fine. Even machines need servicing from time to time and in the same light, you MUST take time to refresh your mind to rethink and add fresh information.

  • Revise, Revise, Revise

Make sure to read and review your essay more than once after you finish your draft. In case you feel you can write a better draft then this is the perfect moment. It is very possible you will notice spelling errors, bad phrases, and inappropriate content – delete them. Use writing tools and the dictionary available to you to correct such mistakes such as Grammarly to make your essay more authoritative.

  • Get a Fresh Perspective

This has been often regarded as one of the techniques to make sure you have written a great essay. You can consult your colleagues, classmates, instructors or even parents to look at your final draft or essay. Even the greatest writers of all times have used this technique for their publications by sharing their ideas; succinct two heads are better than one.

  • Finally

After you assure yourself that everything is done correctly, write a final draft for your great essay. And read it one more time. Just in case.

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